Everything You Should Know About TruSculpt and Its Benefits

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TruSculpt 3D is a noninvasive body sculpting procedure. The truSculpt 3D technology along with the “glide technique” usually deliver consistently impressive results. TruSculpt is a comprehensive, personalized treatment system that can help you target and achieve your body sculpting goals. This collection of cutting-edge treatment technologies allows you to break down fat at a level of intensity right for you.

This firming treatment is best suited for people who have relatively small pockets of stubborn fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Everyone is different but the majority of patients usually see noticeable results six to eight weeks after being treated. Here is how truSculpt works and its benefits.

How Does It Work?

This multidimensional procedure usually utilizes therapeutic heat to safely eliminate fat cells and decrease the circumference of stubborn fat within one to two treatments. TruSculpt 3D uses non-invasive radiofrequency to intensify the results. Before a truSculpt or body sculpting procedure, you will consult a specialist to go over your goals and needs. When the specialist determines the best treatment for you, the procedure is carried out.

The treatment may result in reddening of the area, but no discomfort is felt. The destroyed fat cells are absorbed into the body over the next few months, so the fat reduction appears natural.

Benefits of TruSculpt

Here are the benefits of TruSculpt:

1. Low Risks

TruSculpt is an FDA-cleared treatment that doesn’t require incisions like a surgical procedure. During the treatment, a specialized handpiece is applied to the skin and generates gentle heat through radiography energy. This heat causes skin contraction and also tackles underlying fat for all-around improvement in the treatment area. Afterward, you can get back to your regular schedule with no downtime.

2. It Works Fast

TruSculpt usually works very fast to target fat cells under the skin’s surface. Depending on the area being treated and the desired results, treatment may last up to a half-hour. Many patients are satisfied with results after one treatment and continue to see improvement which peaks about 12 weeks after treatment.

The entire visit from start to finish usually takes less than an hour, which makes truSculpt convenient for busy people. You can schedule your treatment before or after work or during your lunch hour.

3. A Variety of Treatment Areas

TruSculpt procedure can be virtually conducted anywhere that you have excess fat. However, some common areas for treatment include the stomach, hips, underarms, chin, back, and thighs. This gives truSculpt great customization for the unique areas where you have trouble reducing fat after pregnancy or weight loss.

4. Entirely Noninvasive

While the traditional surgical options such as tummy tucks do require invasive methods, anesthesia, and extensive recovery times, truSculpt is completely nonsurgical. A procedure like truSculpt flex utilizes eight electrical handpieces, which make use of multidirectional stimulation (MDS) technology to grow the muscles in the targeted areas.

In terms of recovery time, patients are free to return to their daily lives almost immediately following the treatment and most describe the sensation as similar to that of an intense workout.

5. Permanent Proven Results

The fat cells eliminated from the body following a truSculpt procedure never come back and can be reduced on average by as much as 24 percent following one treatment. This means your results are permanent, but you need to maintain a healthy weight by following a diet and exercise regimen so that excess fat does not return.

Why Choose Luna Vision and MED SPA?

Our Greensburg truSculpt procedure not only removes fat permanently it tightens at the same time. This procedure gives you no downtime with minimal discomfort. Patients typically need three procedures and we are offering a special for the first procedure at half off. For example, a large procedure that would include the lower abs is only $240.00. If you add the next two procedures, you will get 20 percent off each additional procedure. Contact us to learn more and get started.


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