Titan Laser Treatments in Pittsburgh, Greensburgh and Tarentum, PA

Titan Laser Treatments

I'm glad you are interested in our Titan laser. The Titan is our infrared technology that targets wrinkles and loose joules and loose skin. We can treat under eye as well as full face, as well as any other wrinkled areas. We numb you up for a half hour and then Dr. Dutt will perform the procedure. There is minimal discomfort because of the numbing and the great news is there is no down time. The Titan does take up to 4 weeks to work since it rebuilds collagen. and yes it does work for a year and a half. At least two treatments are necessary. Here is a list of our pricing:

Both Jaw Lines: $350.00 • Middle of Neck: $175.00 • Both Under Eyes: $399.00

Pittsburgh Titan Laser Treatments