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Our Testimonials

I had the truScult 2D & 3D accompanied with the Kybella Shots (2) over a period of 5 months and have had amazing results. Dr. Dutt is easy to talk to & she explains everything to you about the procedures. And she funny, too.


Dr. Dutt has always shown expertise in her areas of practice. I received Kybella treatment under my neck and love handles. This treatment she performed completely got rid of the fat that I could not get rid of with regular weight loss/exercise etc.


For years I was embarrassed by the wrinkle between my eye brows. It made me feel old at only 28! I had tried all the over the counter wrinkle smothers and plumbers but nothing made it better. I finally decided that I had enough and received a Botox treatment. I was so pleased with my results! My forehead was smooth, my eye brows slightly lifted, and that wrinkle I had battled for years had faded. Dr. Dutt made me feel comfortable and confident that I would get the results that I wanted and she did exactly that. There was very little discomfort and it was over quickly.


Dr. Dutt performed my Lasik surgery eight years ago and I have had perfect (20/20) vision since then. I admit, I was a bit afraid of the procedure, but after my sister and her husband had it done, I was convinced to do it and am delighted that I did! This was probably the best investment I could have made for myself, as my eyesight before the surgery was such that I could not even see the “big E” on the eye chart! It’s like having a new pair of eyes. The only thing I had to get used to was not reaching for my glasses in the morning! And hey, no contacts or prescription sunglasses at the beach!! I have convinced several friends to try it as Dr. Dutt is an excellent doctor and has a wonderful staff. There have been even more improvements in the procedure since I had my surgery and Dr. Dutt keeps right on top of things.

~T. A. Shumber, West Mifflin, PA

I had my Lasik surgery a week ago...woke up the next morning seeing better than I did with my contacts prior to surgery. Very pleased.


Dr. Rinku Dutt and her staff are Great! There is no pain to the procedure. I can see much better since I had the eyelid surgery. You can go to work the next day. When I say there is no pain, I mean there was no pain!


My LASIK surgery with Dr. Dutt was quick and easy. I got rid of my thick glasses, and could see to drive and to read by the next day.

~D.Rockman, Murrysville, PA

Thank you so much for working with me to achieve my desired vision. After fifty years of dealing with glasses and contacts, it’s great not to have that hassle anymore. Thanks again and may you continue to make people’s dreams come true.

~J.Pologruto, Mt. Pleasant, PA

Dr. Dutt, since my cataract surgery I can see better than ever before. I don’t need glasses to see far or near!

~F.Armitage, Owner, Uncle Charley’s Sausage, Apolla, PA