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Do you stare at a computer all day? Are you getting crusting on your eyelids? Do your eyes burn? You may be suffering from dry eyes. 

Did you know our eyes need tears to stay healthy and comfortable? It’s true: tears aren’t just the product of being upset. They’re also created throughout the day in small quantities and spread over our eyes every time we blink, helping to keep our eyes in good condition. Sometimes, however, our eyes cannot produce enough tears to keep our eyes properly moistened throughout the day. When this happens, a person suffers from dry eye - and uncomfortable condition that can raise the risk of eye infections and other vision problems.

At Luna Vision and Med Spa, we understand the importance of professional eye care services, and can help you address the discomforts of dry eye. Our eye exams and diagnostic testing are provided by Dr. Dutt, a board-certified ophthalmologist with over 22 years of private practice experience. 

Dr. Dutt is a dry eye expert with fellowship training from Tulane University on this condition. 

Schedule a visit to meet with Dr. R. M. Dutt at one of our three locations for your vision care and eyewear needs! All medical conditions are covered under medical insurance, including your eye exams and prescriptions. 


Frequently Asked Questions on Dry Eye:


Why Are Tears So Important? 

A film of tears is normally spread over the surface of our eyes every time we blink. This process keeps our eyes clear and moist, thereby allowing them to remain healthy and functional. In cases of dry eye, however, our eyes cannot create enough quality tears to maintain this balance. 


What Are The Symptoms Of Dry Eye?

Dry eye often creates sensations of stinging, burning, itchiness, or even pain. Other symptoms often include redness or irritation. In some cases, people may even experience watery eyes, due to the eyes trying to soothe the irritating symptoms of the condition.


What Causes Dry Eye? 

Dry eye may result from a range of causes and/or factors, including: aging, already living with certain pre-existing conditions, living in a dry climate, computer use, and a history of eye surgery or using certain medications. Because of this, it's important to always share your medical history and comprehensive list of medications with your ophthalmologist.


How Is Dry Eye Diagnosed?

Dry eyes can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. During the exam, your doctor will take your medical history (with a focus on general health, medications, and environmental factors); examine your eye; evaluate your eyelids and cornea; and measure the quantity and quality of your tears. The information from these tests can help your eye doctor determine your diagnosis and next steps.

At Luna Vision and Med Spa, dry eye is routinely addressed through lid scrubs, punctual plugs, and other prescription and/or lifestyle recommendations. We will always discuss your care options in-depth, allowing you to make an informed medical decision regarding your care. To begin your care journey, please contact us.